Sharon Salomon, Edible Phoenix Contributor

Sharon B. Salomon

Sharon Salomon has discovered that eating and writing about eating are the most fulfilling endeavors she has tried. This realization comes after experiences in teaching at a culinary arts school, working as a registered dietitian, selling real estate, teaching English as a Second Language in elementary school, helping restaurants with marketing, working in a professional kitchen, joking around about food and nutrition on early morning news television and trying out her organizational and customer service skills in an office. She believes that her past careers and academic accomplishments have prepared her to be a competent eater with adequate writing skills. Sharon refers to herself as an “almost” expert eater because there are still too many foods she has not tried. “So many foods, so little time”, best describes her attitude about eating.

She has a Masters Degree in Nutrition and culinary certificates from La Varenne in France and Greystone in Napa, as well as hundreds of hours of watching the best chefs prepare food at cooking demos. Sharon and a colleague have written a manual to train dietitians to present cooking demos to the public, Cooking Show and Tell for Dietitians. One of Sharon’s goals is to help dietitians and other nutrition professionals understand how taste and flavor affect the public’s perception of healthy food. Sharon’s previous publications have appeared in newspapers, magazines and web sites. She is a contributor to The New American Plate, as well as a regular chapter contributor to On Cooking and On Baking. Sharon is an investor in Barrio Cafe restaurant.

Sharon Salomon is a freelance writer and dedicated eater who hopes that someday she can meet the challenge of balancing all the calories she consumes in the interest of research with enough exercise to keep her weight stable. She can be reached at


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