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Good to the Bone

December 01, 2015
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Containers of Nourished Bone Broth

There’s a lot of hype surrounding bone broth that we’re not sure we can buy into, but we can tell you that it’s a rich elixir delicious to sip on its own or to add to your favorite recipes for stew, braises, soups or grains. Although each bone broth recipe varies, bone broth differs from traditional stock mainly in the length of time that it is cooked (more than 48 hours in some cases) and in the use of an acidic component (usually apple vinegar) to help break down the bones.

Bone broth can be made at home (there are many recipes available on the internet including some made in a CrockPot) but there are two good Arizona sources that will deliver and/or ship the broth to your door.

Nourished Foods ( has been making bone broth since 2011 (before it became trendy). They offer a variety of different broths including pastured organic chicken or turkey, and grass-fed beef, lamb, veal or bison (as available). The bones for the beef broth are supplied by Arizona rancher JH Grass Fed (who also sells the Nourished broth at their farmers’ market booth). All broths are unsalted, and a version without onions is available.

Nourished also offers grass-fed organic beef tallow from the fat surrounding the kidneys, brellow (clarified beef fat that is great for cooking Yorkshire pudding) and flavored ghee (clarified butter).


Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company bone broth

A more recent entry into the bone broth market is Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company ( Their 100% beef bone broth is a companion product to their main grass-fed beef operation (also under the Nature’s Fed label). They have their own processing facility and commercial kitchen in Chino Valley and raise their own beef as well as sourcing from other Arizona ranchers. Their operations are certified by the American Grass Fed Association. The bone broth is also available in a combo pack with the company’s ground beef.

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