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The Kitchen Ecosystem: Integrating Recipes to Make Delicious Meals

By | February 10, 2015
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Kitchen Ecosystem book cover

The recipes from The Kitchen Ecosystem are designed to utilize all parts of a given food.  As shown in the illustration below, author Eugenia Bone starts with dishes incorporating the fresh, locally grown, seasonal ingredient, then moves to recipes for preserving small batches of the food for future use and ends with utilizing any scraps or byproducts we would usually toss to create flavorings and other items of value. (Click to see full illustration).

With Bone's ecosystem, you can take advantage of seasonal abundance, nothing is wasted and you end up with a pantry filled with home-made stocks and condiments.

The book is comprehensive, covering over 40 meats and vegetables from beef to zucchini, just about any preservation method you can think of, and techniques for stocks, juices, granitas and ice creams, fruit syrups and pastries.

The Kitchen Ecosystem: Integrating Recipes to Make Delicious Meals

by Eugenia Bone (Clarkson Potter, 2014)

Appeals to: Frugal cooks, preservers

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